Just Because he’s cute

Fashion Sense???

Today Chanler made his first “fashion choice.” (picture to be posted)

Preface: Chanler loves socks! (and hates most other clothes).

This morning while trying to get him dressed he opened the sock drawer and started pointing (he can’t actually reach into the sock drawer yet!) I picked out his usual white socks and he responded “NO” and continued to point. So I picked up the pair closest to where he was pointing (the blue, green and orange striped pair that the Silver’s gave him for Christmas) and he laughed and sat down so I could put them on. Needless to say they wouldn’t have been my choice to go with the Hawaiian shirt he was wearing, but he was the one wearing them =]

New Words:
Fire truck
BYE (said in the loudest voice possible and with a wave)
More Please
Garbage truck
Tigger (the Disney character)

1) This morning Chanler found a piece of dog food that had fallen on the ground. Perviously this would have just be a snack for Chanler, but today he picked it up and carried it to the door to put outside for honey!

2) We missed our Bible study last night because Chanler had a fever. This morning we got a call from Amy and Anders because Anders was very concerned that Chanler didn’t feel well. I think this is Chanler’s first official call from a “friend”. And what a sweet message it was!

3) Chanler is currently trying to put his shoes on – to no avail because he is trying backwards.

Chanler was sitting on my lap today playing with the cap of a water bottle. He started hiding the cap under my shirt then putting his hands up to say “where is it?”, then he would pull it back out and laugh when he had found it. He also tried this with his overalls, but the cap was harder to pull back out. Too cute.

Update 4/14/06: I finally got a picture of “where is it?” so here it is!

Where is it?

Where is it?

Chanler was being too cute! We came down stairs and Scott put his computer bag down in the hall while he got breakfast etc. Well the next thing I know Chanler is in the hall trying to put daddy’s bag on. So adorable – I wish I had gotten the camera in time

We bought a climber/slide for Chanler to play on at home (trying to get him to climb it instead of the furniture). We bought it used from craigslist because we are cheap (no really we are). Anyway, it needed a bath before we set it up so we hauled it out onto our driveway and started scrubbing.

Well Chanler got a hold of a paper towel (usually not something we let him have because he will either eat it or make confetti) and he started to wipe the plastic as well.

He was helping us clean. Oh the cuteness!

It really hammers home the fact that Chanler is learning by watching us, so we had better be on our best behavior and be good role models. Yikes!

Boys and their cars . . .

Chanler has recently rediscovered his fire truck walking toy. For the last few days it has given him hours of enjoyment just to push it around (sometimes just in a circle – like our living room was a race track). The best part is the noise that goes with it. Chanler makes a Brrrr/Vrrrr “engine” noise while playing. It is so funny

Wish this was on video . . .

During our bible study group tonight, Scott was holding Chanler and randomly broke in to the children’s Sunday school song – “the B. I. B. L. E.” because Chanler was standing on Scott’s bible. Too funny, especially if you know how quiet Scott usually is.


Chanler gave us his first real (social) smile this week . . . he is SO cute!

Here he is a few days later smiling for the camera